Adoration…is it in you?

What do we adore? What do we long for? What are our desires? The band got to play at a night of worship tonight that was called “adoration night of worship” and that word just stood out to me. What do I adore? Is it Christ? If not, the why? And if I do then why do I? The set we did was all about Gods love for us and He used that to show me how amazing He is! That his love never fails and that it came to rescue me! That it paid a debt that I could not pay! Man, God is good! Night kiddos!


Can’t sleep

So here it is at 1:03 on thursday morning that I cannot sleep. At all. To Those Without Hope is playing at a night of worship tomorrow night and we have the “day before routine” tomorrow and I’m so excited because I know that God is going to do something HUGE Friday night and not only Friday night but in the sound checks and run throughs! God is great. I just killed a wasp in my bed. Goodnight

To Those Without Hope

I’m in a small worship band named To Those Without Hope (yea its kinda long) that is made up of 4 people…myself (Shane longoria), Grant Keel, Phillip George, and Taylor Moore. We formed in early January of 2012 and have played at various d-nows, lock in’s and Wednesday night worship services. This is in no way a plug to make ourselves know or an attempt at publicity. It is an opportunity that I have to share us with you. Well if you don’t know me my name is Shane Longoria I am currently 20 and I am a student at Louisiana College on a beautiful hill in Pineville, Louisiana. Back to the band. I play rhythm electric guitar and sing lead vocals. Grant plays lead guitar. Phillip plays bass and Taylor plays drums. In the first post I made I expounded upon Gods faithfulness and how He is faithful to us if we are faithful to Him. Here is the process that led me to
The band is in the process of rewriting hymns for an upcoming cd. In working through hymns and praying that God would show us what hymns to rewrite the song Great is Thy Faithfulness was a song that God showed me that we were supposed to work on. I sat down and worked on an arrangement and finished in a short amount of time and said basically “thanks for another hymn God” but God had more in store than just a hymn. The next week I was reading through Hebrews chapter 11 and I saw the faithfulness of biblical characters like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses and many others and God’s faithfulness to them. After reading this chapter 1 of 2 responses laid before me: 1) I can say “these were very sound people that were very close to God so God was faithful to them. 2) I can say “the same God that was faithful to all of these people is still the same God who can and will be faithful to me. Needless to say I went with choice number 2. God began to show me that His faithfulness is like no others and this was something that He was showing me in my life as well as the life of the band. I stared to see that God was going to take care of us no matter what and that He would provide everything we need to continue to play. Through prayer and the dwelling on scripture as well as conversations with each other we decided to move to a non profit worship band because we all felt that this was the direction God was leading us in. We know that God is faithful and that He will take care of us.

Colossians 3:16

The Faithfulness of God

To even start to think about the faithfulness of God is a challenging thing. To step out on faith and say “God, I know that you will provide even when I feel like i can’t see you or feel you” is a scary thought. Our human nature tells us “You need a 2 car garage with expensive cars filling them with a 2 story house with flat screens for everyone. Xbox 360’s and ps3’s for all the children and a man cave for dad and a walk in closet for mom.” I say no. Actually, the bible shows us that as christians this should not be our thought process.Psalm 37:4 says “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” If we are taking in Jesus. If we are completely saturated with Christ then the desire of our heart should be Christ and Christ alone. “My heart will sing no other name. Jesus, Jesus!” this should be more than a worship song it should be our hearts cry! Notice that the song doesn’t say “My heart will sing Jesus on sunday and money, cars, and the american dream every other day” Am i saying go out and sell everything you have and live under a bridge and have a lifestyle that would make John the Baptist look like a light weight? No. I’m saying let God prove His faithfulness to you! Read Hebrews chapter 11 and see the faithfulness of God to His children. Psalm 37:25 says “I have been young, and now am old. yet i have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread” God’s promise to us is that if we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us. “The steps of a man are established by the Lord, WHEN he delights in His way.” Psalm 37:23. When we delight ourselves in the Lord our steps will be established by Him. God bless