This Morning

You know when they say that everything can go wrong? That was this morning. My goodness. First, I was awoken by a dog crying at 5:30. You say “Shane, welcome to my world. I get up that early all the time.” My answer is one that is simple…I don’t like your world. I like to sleep and not be woken up by dogs. Well, we find our hero awake at 5:30 trying to go back to sleep and to no avail so I just got up and laid right back down. I finally got up around 7:20 and started to get ready for church. I am a worship leader at a church called Open Door Church so I was getting ready for the day. Yesterday my girlfriends dodge charger broke down. She’s from Winnsboro. (Her name is Kelly and she’s really pretty) She needed to somehow get back to Winnsboro so she took my truck which was perfectly fine. I had to go get some gas in it and everything was good. You say, “Shane, you said that everything that could go wrong went wrong.” I say keep listening to the story. I wanted to make my blonde coffee that I bought in my french press (because that’s what all the good worship leaders do, right?) Well, if you’ve ever done work with a french press you know that it takes a little time for the water to boil and for the coffee to brew. I waited…patiently. Ok not really patiently. I was yelling at the water to boil. I needed to be at church by 8:40 to have enough time to set up the computer so we could have words and the sermon notes. I also had the privilege of teaching the youth this morning so I needed to be a little early to have my lesson ready to go. Well, as I am yelling at the water to boil I notice that it is 8:39. I hurriedly packed up my guitar and my computer and loaded the vehicle to be ready to go when the coffee is ready. Well after the water boils you have to wait 4 minutes while is brews. I waited 3 this morning. Kelly had the truck packed and we ended up leaving at about the same time. I arrived at the church around 9:12 and unloaded my vehicle. I set the computer up and saw that the songs and sermon notes had not saved in pro presenter so I sat down and made sure everything was as it should be. Then panic set in. I could not find the adapter so that the words would show up on the screen. I called my mother (I live at home during breaks from school) and told her the problem. She could not find the adapter anywhere. I searched my backpack and could not find it. I went ahead and taught the youth life group and after it was over I hurried home to see if I could find the adapter. There was no adapter in the inn. I think that’s how that goes. I took my time getting back to the church and by took my time I mean I flew because I had 5 minutes till service started. I get back and I tell the pastor that I don’t have the adapter. He asks what it looks like. I tell him it’s white but its in a box that says rocket fish. He grabs the box from behind the offering plates. To my relief and also to my “man are you for real right now?” The service went great and the sermon was on point for the congregation. What do you have? (Acts 3:1-10) And what are you doing with what you have? Overall, the Lord is still good and once again He is amazing.