My Job as a Worship Leader

Before I begin let me say that I definitly do not know it all. I don’t even know half of it. I may know a third. That sounds good to me so lets go with that. I believe that the Lord has called me to lead in worship. This is a call that i cannot take lightly. As a worship leader, I’m called to do that…to lead in worship. That being said it’s hard to do some songs. Songs that make people “feel good” aren’t songs that I feel should be sung. Songs that people hear and associate with a positive meaning or thought sould not be sung. To me, each song that is sung during the worship time should bring the members of the congregation closer to Christ through their worship. If we start to do songs becuase people want to hear them or people like them, we’re doing nothing more than putting on a concert to meet the “needs” of our members. 


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