Saturday, July 23

A week makes a huge difference. A week can change your life. A week can bring joy. A week ago, I was told my wife might not survive this tragic incident. A week ago, my world was falling apart. This week, things have changed. If you can see what has happened to my wife and the progression she has made and not believe that God is real and still performs miracles, I don’t know what it would take to convince you.

The past week has been an emotional rollercoaster. There have been ups and downs, but we’ve seen the faithfulness of the Lord. A few summers ago, I thought I saw what His faithfulness was about. This summer I have experienced a different glimpse. When I first heard the news about my wife, my world stopped. I could not understand why this would happen. The Lord always had a plan.

This week, my wife has made improvements that have left doctors clueless. I’m perfectly fine with that. I love that. I love that through this, the Gospel is being shared. Kelly’s life has shown people who Christ is. I am so proud to be her husband.

The progress Kelly has made is amazing. From the start, Kelly was responsive. She could not speak, but she could motion with her right hand. Since Saturday, she has made amazing leaps. Her breathing has become more stable. They are slowly but surely lowering the level of pressure and assistance that the machine gives her. She’s following the commands the doctors give her. She is opening her eyes from time to time. The doctors are telling us all these things are great.

One of the hardest things to watch is when she coughs. I hate seeing my wife struggle against the breathing tube. It’s something that makes me feel helpless because I know there is nothing that I can physically do to help. I step out of the room as the nurses help and I pray. This is one of the most difficult things for me.

Today, a very close friend of ours came to Jackson to see us. His name is Wesley Wallace. He’s been an amazing friend to us. We absolutely love him. We were able to joke around and laugh. We were also able to be serious and talk about the Lord and His faithfulness. I was so encouraged by his words and his friendship. He left Jackson around 10 to head back to Monroe. After he left, I wanted to go check on Kelly. I got to her room and she was coughing. I hated to see it. I walked over to her side. Her eyes were already open. I grabbed her hand and said, “Babe I’m here. Can you see me? Squeeze me hand if you can see me.” I’ve never been so excited to have someone squeeze my hand. I told her that I was right beside her and I was not going anywhere. I asked her to squeeze my hand again if she wanted me to stay where she could see me. Another squeeze. At this point, I’m on cloud 9. My wife knows I’m here and she wants me to stay where she can see me. We’ve been playing some worship music through a speaker for her so I asked her to squeeze my hand again if she wanted the music turned on. Another squeeze. We turned the music on and I asked if it was too loud. Another squeeze. I let her know that I was there, I would be there until she fell asleep, and that all she needed to do was rest. I watched her close her eyes and begin to settle down. I stayed and rubbed her arm until I knew she was back asleep.

This has by far been the greatest moment of my life. The Lord has been so faithful and Kelly has been such a fighter. In the words of the piano player at our church Mary Easterling, “God has already done the miracle, we’re just playing catch up.”


26 thoughts on “Saturday, July 23

  1. Shane and Kelly. I’m a friend of a friend. Just wanted to let y’all know that there’s a very large group of us out here who are following your posts and lifting y’all up in prayer constantly. It’s 3:45 A.M. here in Ky and I woke up thinking about y’all. Read the update and am thanking God for the victory right now. Thanking Him for his faithfulness and constant presence. Hope y’all feel our Love from afar.

  2. Praying for you both. What a beautiful story of how human life, even through devastating injury, can remain strong. Who else besides God can put that kind of fight in someone. God’s faithfulness and love for us is the most amazing thing we as christians can ever experience. What comfort he, and only him, can bring!!

  3. “God has already done the miracle, we’re just playing catch up.”

    I don’t know if I have ever read or heard a more truthful or powerful statement.

  4. I am Ryan Andress’ mom and I am praying for your family! What a testimony you both are! What a mighty God we serve! Love you both!

  5. I remember the name from the Gospel Music Hour K-104- We are praying. We go to Bethel Baptist (BBC) West Monroe.

  6. May the Lord continue to bless,comfort and heal your wife as you both rest in his Grace. Praying for your good and God’s glory!

  7. Shane I love hearing from you. Ya’ll are constantly in our prayers. My heart is breaking for you but I read and feel how strong you are. We know God will get you and Kel thru. Remembering you with love!!!

  8. Shane, I know many are praying around the clock for Kelly and for you. I was praying specifically for a little miracle for her last night before I went to bed. Something that would bring hope to you and the medical team. I am so thankful the Lord is answering the prayers. Thanks for sharing and know that we are praying without ceasing for the Lord to be glorified in Kelly’s healing.

    1. Shane I don’t know you or Kelly but I feel like I do after reading your posts. I have been praying for Kelly and all of your family. We serve an awesome GOD !! Your testimony is touching many lives.

  9. Shane, my husband worked for Kelleys dad for years, even went on a trip to Chicago with him for the store. We both have know the family for many years and love them all. We have been following Kellys progress since this all started. We are praying everyday for her and the family. God is Good and he is in control. She will be Our Kelly again soon.Jan and Donnie Maxwell

  10. Hello! I came across your story via a Facebook share! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Always remember that God does not sleep or slumber and as you and Kelly rest and trust He is at work!

    Grace and peace!

  11. Shane my darling. How I miss you. My husband Lance and I were telling Kelly’s story and praying with our entire church the next Sunday. New Breed Church in the West End of Louisville, KY knows you & your beautiful wifee ‘s name and are praying. I love you so much. I am so proud of the man and husband you are today- glory to God, GREAT things He has done! Love, Candice

  12. Shane, you don’t know me. I am George Jones’s sister (his daughter Lyndsey is married to Curtis Smith who went to school with Kelly and her sister). I am keeping up with Kelly’s progress through Lyndsey and her brother, Hunter Jones. How powerful our God is and what great news to hear she is reaponsive and getting better day by day. Know that we (along with many of our prayer warriors) are praying diligently here in Biloxi, Ms. May God continue to shower you both with blessings in the days ahead.

  13. As the days go by, It seems I can hardly wait for another update on Kelly. It brings me such joy to know that she has survived this ugly thing that has happened. Continued prayers for you and Kelly.

  14. I only know you through mutual friends, but I am inspired by your faith and thankful to our Lord for His merciful miracles. I will continue to petition the Throne of Grace for Kelly and praise the Lord for each blessing extended.

  15. Praying for Kelly and for you as well! I’m thrilled and amazed to see such good news! Y’all are on our church prayer list and FUPC DeRidder is constantly covering the both of you and your families in prayer. God is giving y’all an amazing testimony.

  16. Shane, I’m a friend of Shellie Tomlinson and Rhonda Perry. Your situation is so horrific, and I know your heart vacillates between fear and praise and hurt and anger and many other emotions. I just want you to know, that’s okay. Those emotions were given to you by our God — and they are like His.
    In 2013, my husband had a subarachnoid hemorrhage — an aneurysm in his brain that burst. It is fatal 95% of the time and of the 5% who survive it, over half suffer some type of long-term deficits (paralysis, brain damage, etc.)
    When we went into the trauma unit, he wasn’t expected to live through the night. And IF he did, he would be there for 7-10 days, then moved to a step-down unit. I remember when he woke up and squeezed my hand. I remember that moment when he “answered” (I’ll share that another time.) I almost hit the floor.

    GOD had a plan. On Day 7 we moved out of Trauma ICU and on Day 9, we came home. He has ZERO deficits.

    I tell you that to say that the same God is in charge of Kelly’s healing. I agree with your piano playing friend. I’ve been praying from the beginning that every place the bullets traveled would be healed as though nothing had ever been there. God healed my husband’s brain that had been soaking in blood (not what it wants to do) for about 12 hours. I believe that He has healed Kelly and you will both be able to share the many ways you’ve seen God’s love in this.

  17. Shane you sang at Amber and Josh Harris wedding. I am Amber’s grandmother. I just want you to know that I am praying for Kelly and all family. You are both on our church’s prayer list. Houston River Baptist. I read your Friday post to our Sunday School department this morning as a inspirational devotion about God’s love, mercy and grace. Will continue to lift you both up. Thank you for this update

  18. We don’t know each other, but I am praying for continued healing for Kelly. From what I have read in other people’s comments and your updates I know she is a strong young lady. I have faith that he will continue to heal her and when she is able I know she will have an awesome testimony giving Him all the glory.

  19. Hi, We don’t know each other, I came accross your story on a FB share.
    Shane please know that you guys have a multitude of brothers and sisters that are praying for Kelly, for you and your families. God’s name will be glorified in her, specially to those that still don’t believe. I lift up Kelly in Jesus’ loving name. May this situation become the proof to us all that God’s mercies are renewed daily. Wish you both many years of marriage and adventures.
    This too shall pass!

  20. You don’t know me Shane and I don’t know what caused Shellie to be hospitalized, but I will be praying for you and Kellie for complete healing. I too believe Kellie will have an incredible testimony to what God has done.
    Praise The Lord and Amen!

  21. I do not know you and do not remember how your story was shared on my news feed. God has moved me to pray for you. So thankful to hear of her positive responses to you! Will continue to pray.
    In Him,
    Knoxville, TN

  22. I don’t know this family, but I have been praying for Kelly and you. I saw the post on Fb and shared. God is so awesome and I’m glad that he has been with you both. Continued prayers from Georgia.

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