Tuesday, August 2

Seventeen days ago, my world stopped. I thought I had lost the love of my life. I thought I had lost my best friend. The Lord had different plans. We spent eleven days in the NSICU. There, we made friends that we’ll continue to visit for years. The staff on the fourth floor of UMMC (University of Mississippi Medical Center) is absolutely amazing. We moved to a regular room on 4 south in UMMC. We were there for four days and three nights. We were moved to MRC (Methodist Rehabilitation Center) on Friday, July 29 around 3. Moving to the rehabilitation center thirteen days after this terrible incident blew me away.

The next day, Kelly began rehab. She was on an abbreviated schedule and saw her physical therapist. Alex, her PT, brought her to the support poles. My heart was so anxious to see what would happen. Kelly stood up out of her wheelchair and put her right foot in front of her. I honestly believe my heart skipped a beat. I was worried about what would happen next. Her left side had been immobile for 2 weeks and I was so scared she would be upset. Her left foot rose and passed her right foot. It was not perfect. It shook the whole time. It was beautiful. There are moments in your life that you’ll never forget. This was one of mine. I saw a smile cross her face. I smiled as tears began to fill my eyes. My Kelly was back. She walked down the support poles, sat down in her chair, backed up, and did it all again. Her smile grew bigger and bigger. Monday, August 1, Kelly went back to her PT. He wanted to try something different. He took Kelly to the middle of the hall and stood her up. She walked, with assistance, down the hall. That same “Kelly” smile came back. I know She’s so proud of herself. I know I’m proud of her. Seeing my wife walk two weeks after this incident was amazing.

Kelly also sees an occupational therapist. Her name is Emily. She helped Kelly get ready Saturday morning. This was the first time I saw her move her left leg. This was amazing. Emily took Kelly down to the gym and worked with her. Kelly had a smile on her face. Nothing in this world is better than seeing my wife smile. Monday, Kelly had an assessment test. Emily told us the results and said that Kelly had scored a thirty-six out of thirty-six and she never had someone get every question correct. I thought, “well, I did marry a genius.” I mean, she finished her undergrad in three and a half years after changing her major her sophomore year.

Kelly also sees a speech language pathologist. Her name is Rainey. Kelly loves going to the SLP.Β  If you didn’t know, Kelly just finished her undergrad in speech language. It’s crazy for me to think that God began this miracle the day she changed her major. Kelly knows exactly what is going on every time she goes into the office with Rainey. She smiles the whole way down the hall because she knows where she is going. Kelly is talking. Her voice is very quiet because of the breathing tube she had for eight days. Her vocal chords continue toΒ strengthen everyday. She’s said my name, told me she loves me, and told me that I’m hovering and I need to go lay down on the couch. That’s my Kelly. She has no slur. She has no stutter. Her words come out perfectly fine, just a little quiet. Last night, her mother and I heard the first word in what we call her strong voice. She was telling her mom about her favorite wrestler, Randy Orton. She likes him because, “he’s good looking.” That’s my Kelly. (By the way, don’t judge us because we watch “good ole wraslin'” from time to time!)

Kelly has made incredible improvements in seventeen days. We were told by a staff member at MRC that they see miracles all the time but Kelly is different. They have never seen this many miracles happen this fast. That’s my Kelly. I’m so very proud of my wife and the fight she has in her.

I’ll never understand why we had to experience this, but that’s ok. We’ve heard stories of people placing their faith in Christ because of this, others faith have been strengthened, others have seen God move like never before. I know that to Kelly, if this happened so that the Gospel could reach people and change their lives, she’s ok with it. That’s my Kelly.


28 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 2

  1. Tears in my eyes and more prayers in my heart as I read this! You are both so fortunate to have found each other…you are perfectly matched! God knew what He was doing every step of your journeys, both before and after you met, and I am glad y’all turned it over to Him and followed His leading! I believe there are many more great days ahead in your life together, and that many more will be lead to Christ through this part of your journey and for the rest of your lives. Keep on keeping on! Love y’all! Sherry & David Randall

  2. I have followed from the very beginning. And I have been amazed at the beautiful, Miracle that God has been doing in Kelly’s life in spite of such a terrible ugly crime. Amazing to come together with so many of God’s people in Prayer for Kelly. And see God really move mountains!
    I have a request & I hope you get it tonight. This is for a Child that has just started eating solids & got choked & he has been on life support a couple days now. He is in Chattanooga at TC Thompson Children’s Hospital. One test has already been done on his brain & it wasn’t favorable. A second & possible last one will be ran at 9:30 am Eastern time Wednesday morning. And his family is asking for prayers from all over. His name is Bentley Cash. We know that God can move mountains don’t we? You are the perfect examples yes? Yes! Please pray for Bentley
    God bless you as you continue on you’re Miracle walk…..
    Jill from TN.

  3. Thank you for sharing Kelly’s miraculous recovery. I have been praying for Kelly & you as well! ( Please let Kelly know that this little Houston, Texas Prophet & her family are praying for her!)

  4. Many people have been moved by this mountain Kelly and all of her loved ones have climbed. Our God will use this in ways we never imagine and often don’t even know about. One of the many benefits will be that as you and Kelly minister to others, you will KNOW , first hand, what people are experiencing when they are involved in a tragedy of this kind. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength, hope, and faith with us.

  5. What a testimony of how awesome our God is and how He answers our prayers. I am so happy to hear how wonderful Kelly is doing. I have been praying for her complete healing. With her faith in the Lord and her strength and determination I know she will be going home soon. I look forward to reading your next post. What a beautiful writer you are. God bless you both and keep you safe in the circle of His arms.

  6. What a mighty God we serve. As I read your story and I have kept up with what has happened tears filled my eyes with so much happiness that your precious wife has made it and has come such a long way. A tragic story , But God has gotten all the glory and the lives that you have touched along the way will never be forgotten! πŸ™ For y’all !

  7. This is the best thing I have heard yet.. I love Kelly. She has always been precious to me. I can’t wait to see ya’ll and hug ya’ll.. Still praying for complete recovery. Hope to see you soon.
    Wanda Berry

  8. I have been following Kelly’s story….. it brought tears to my eyes this morning to read her recent progress…. God is watching over her and has brought her through this tragedy …. He will continue to watch over Kelly and heal her ….. continued prayers for you and Kelly…..
    Donna Barham

  9. Praise the Lord. His mercy, His love, and His power are supreme. God is showing the world through Kelly that He is alive and He is in control.

  10. This truly is an amazing story, and Proves how God works miracles everyday. I have been praying for ya’ll since day one, and I will continue to pray for you. BTW…( I am Jaimi Rodgers Ashley’s mom). Keep up the hard work, I know it seems like a long road ahead of you, but with Gods’ Holy Love….everything will be as it was someday. I wish the best for ya’ll. Love, Judy

  11. Keep on Kelly there is not a day I don’t think of you and your family. Your Beauitful inside and out and God loves you just as I do.Praying Jan and Donnie Maxwell


  13. Shane what a glorious testimony Kelly will be able to share! God’s miracles are never ending. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face. I know Lisa, along with all the family, and you are praising God!! I am a friend of Ami’s from way back in her college days so while I haven’t seen Kelly since she was a little girl, I feel like you are all part of my extended family. Continuing to pray for Kelly’s complete healing.

  14. Kelly we have never met. Thru Shane’s continued logging I feel I “know you”. Keep up the great work and let GOD shine thru you.

  15. What an incredible faith you and your wife have. Thank you for allowing a glimpse into your trials and for sharing your victories with us. We serve an awesome and might God! Continuing to pray for her complete healing!

  16. Praise God. Thank you Lord for your strength and healing here for Kelly. Continuing to pray for her. Our God is an awesome God and He has her back. πŸ’–

  17. Let me wipe the tears so I can see to type….I am so amazed. When this happened, I couldn’t understand why and how and I had the same emotions our entire community did…angry, helpless, scared, and did something I had not actually done in a long while, actually hit my knees in prayer. I posted the first day that God would work some good through this, someway, somehow! This angered some, but we have seen it already! Many have come back to Him through this and some came to know Him for the first time!
    Once when I was teaching bible school, (Kelly was about 5 and my daughter was about 4), and I can remember we had a tent set up due to that years camping theme. Kelly decided to be first to pray in the tent and she went on and on and on…I thought we would never get out of that tent!!!! She prayed for every single person, animal, toy, Kool-aid and cookie time LOL! She has loved God her entire life and Mr. Trey would be so proud of her….just like the rest of us. Thank you for the update and know prayers are still coming in! I am going to make her an album of the private messages I have received from all of the countries, different faiths and complete strangers that have shared how this tragedy turned triumph led them back to Him! Still praying and much love!

  18. Wow, I am so thrilled that your precious wife is improving so quickly by leaps and bounds. My family is originally from Bastrop, LA, so with that said it just seemed so close to home so to speak what happened to her. God has a plan we may not see or understand it completely, but His will is perfect. He is proving His glory through this situation over and over again. He is showing He still performs miracles. I just want to say THANK YOU LORD with you showing appreciation for the special touch God has sent to Kelly. He will heal her, I do not doubt it. God bless you and your entire household, KELLY, KEEP ON KEEPING ON…
    Gulfport, MS

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