Friday, August 12

Have you ever had a terrible dream? One that you just could not wait to wake up from so you could tell yourself that it was just a dream? I’ve been living that. On a loop. Every morning I wake up hoping I can roll over and tell my wife, “You would not believe the dream I had.” But the reality is this, I’m wide awake. This is real life. I’m not asleep. 27 days ago, my world stopped. 27 days ago, my wife left our house for a store meeting. 27 days ago, my wife was taken from a gas station. 27 days ago, my wife was shot in the head and left to die. 27 days ago, I was told that my wife might not make it through the night. At that point, we were 3 days passed 13 months of marriage. These are words I never thought I would ever hear.

Why Kelly? Why my loving, caring wife? You know, I think God is big enough for our questions. I think He is big enough for our anger. I think He is big enough for our fears. 27 days ago, I thought my life with Kelly was coming to an end. I was mad. I was hurt. I had questions that did not have answers. 27 days later, I’m still somewhat mad. I’m still hurt. I still have question that don’t have answers. But that is ok. I think God is big enough for our questions. I think He is big enough for our anger. I think He is big enough for our fears. I’ll never know why this happened. I’ll never know why out of the thousands of people in Winnsboro, that Kelly was the one that this man picked.

That’s ok.

I have seen, first hand, how God can move in the middle of what seems like a hopeless situation. In the days following this horrific incident, doctors were asking why Kelly was alive. Now, they’re wondering why her progress is happening as fast as it is. One of our closest friends, Wes Pierce, posted a status on his Facebook 8 days after the incident. It was simple. It read, “My God is big and you can’t tell me other wise.” I think that sums up exactly what is going on in Kelly’s life. God ultimately has a plan for this situation. I don’t understand it right now and I’m not sure I ever will, but that’s ok. This is what I know. 27 days later, my wife is walking. 27 days later, my wife is moving the left side that the doctors said may never move again. 27 days later, her beautiful smile and contagious laugh are back. 27 days later, my wife is telling me she loves me. 27 days later, my wife is alive. Another close friend of ours, Karl Wiggers, came and visited about a week ago. He told us that his prayer on the way over from Baton Rouge was, “God, don’t let this be a slow recovery. Let this be fast.” As far as I can see, his prayer is being answered. We were told by a nurse practitioner that the staff at MRC sees miracles, but they don’t see them this quick. God ultimately has a plan for this situation. I don’t understand it right now and I’m not sure I ever will, but that’s ok. 27 days later, my wife is alive and on her way to a full recovery.


10 thoughts on “Friday, August 12

  1. Our God is a good God! He is showing up and showing out so someone will see him! I am so happy that Kelly is progressing so well. This situation has brought many people to see our sweet Lord for who is is! Not all desperate situations are the end! Praise the Lord!!!

  2. Kelly’s mighty testimony will bring thousands to the Lord. We have many mutual friends as I attend Swartz 1st Baptist! I’m praying , our church , communities , states etc… You both have faith like no other & it continues to shine brightly! That’s got to be ONE of the testimonies that will come from this. You both are so strong ! Keep it up & praying , like Carl, that she will be home SOON !

  3. This song just resounded in my heart as I read your update.
    How great is our God
    Sing with me, How great is our God
    All will see, How great, how great is our God . . .
    God bless praying for you both and extended family as well.

    PS. I am a life time friend of Kayla Bates. So your story feels close and personal.

  4. Amen!
    Jesus is big enough to shoulder our sin and carry it to the cross, killing it with His love.
    And He is loving enough to hear and answer our prayers.
    We pray Kelly continues on that road of full -and quick – recovery!

  5. Shane….consider how small a mustard seed is and yet our God is so big that only He can make it grow into a hugh tree. Look at the bumble bee. There is no scientific proof explaining why it can fly with a body so dispreportioned. Now consider the lightening bug that with only a little light in his tail he can light up a summer backyard. Why can all this happen? No human can explain it but we as Christians need no explanations because we know our God is that big and that good. Kelly is another one of His masterpieces that has already shown us miracles bigger than the mustard seed, has shown us how to balance this world that makes no sense, and whose smile can brighten a world bigger than any backyard on a summers night. Why? How? It’s simple….its called God’s love. So proud of you following God’s plan by sharing her story. Still praying.

  6. I agree that God is big enough for our anger, our fear, our pain, and especially our questions. My God is HUGE! Because of this incident in y’alls life, in a tiny little town in Louisiana, and because y’all have openly shared your journey on social media, there are people all over the United States praying for Kelly. Some of these are people who rarely prayed, if ever. Now they speak to God on a daily basis.They have been swept up in the Kelly Strong movement.

    God chooses His most faithful warriors for the greatest tasks. Jesus, the only perfect man, was hung on a cross to die like a thief, in the most horrific form of death. Today we know and understand why. On the day He was crucified, his mother and all his beloved friends and followers watched in horror and questioned God. Even, though Jesus had prepared them in every way He could, they were hurt, angry and afraid. They had questions, many of which were never answered to their satisfaction. Being the watcher is often the hardest job of all.

    God has chosen Kelly for this task because she is faithful and strong. He has chosen you as her husband because you are faithful and strong.

    Thank you for your faithfulness to Kelly and to God. Y’alls journey has been a witness to many, many people. It is not easy to be God’s warrior, but it is definitely an honor to be chosen. Bless you both.

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