Wednesday, August 24

39 days ago, I remember walking into Franklin Medical Center to my mother in law shaking, in tears, saying she didn’t know what was going on. I remember the feeling of panic. I remember hearing the news of what happened. I remember thinking that I was going to lose my wife. That seeing her leave at 6:40 that morning would be the last time I saw her alive. That I’d never get to feel her put her hand in my hand. I would never feel her run her fingers through my hair. I’d never hear her tell me that she loved me. I remember terrifying thoughts. I remember fear gripping me. I remember falling into chairs at Franklin Medical Center. I remember a car ride to Jackson, Mississippi that felt like an eternity. I remember frantically pacing a waiting room in the ER praying someone would tell me something. I remember hearing the words, “there’s a chance she won’t live through the night.” I remember thinking, “No, that’s not my Kelly back there. This is a huge misunderstanding. It has to be a huge misunderstanding.” I remember my mom and dad holding me like I’ve never felt before. I remember fear. I remember following Kelly to the NSICU. I remember seeing my wife with a breathing tube. I remember tears of fear and hate filling my eyes as I looked at her. I remember thinking I would wake up from this terrible dream. I remember the doctors saying that she’s responding with her right side, but her left side was showing no signs of response. I remember thinking if she would be paralyzed for the rest of our life. I remember hearing the words, “critical but stable” and thinking how much of an oxymoron that statement is. I remember hearing that we were far from out of the woods. I remember sitting by her side, wondering if she could hear anything I was saying.

These were the most terrifying times of my life. Times that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. Thoughts no husband of 13 months should have.

I remember all of these terrible things.

But I remember this. God is faithful.

I remember being told that Kelly had opened her eyes for a few minutes. I remember standing outside of her room late at night and her nurse grabbing me, pulling me into the room, and showing me that her eyes were open. I remember being woken up early on a  Sunday morning to the words, “we’ve extubated her if y’all want to come and see her.” I don’t think I’ve ever moved that fast…at least not that early.  I remember feeling relieved. I remember going back for an 8:30pm visit to hear, “we’re about to move Kelly to the floor.” We were headed to a regular room. I remember hearing some of that Kelly sass the first night in a regular room. I remember hearing on a Friday that we were moving to rehab. I remember running across the room on a Saturday morning to see Kelly move her left leg. I remember watching her on the parallel bars taking steps on the left side that was unresponsive to commands just days before. I remember her walking down the hallway with the smile I was afraid I’d never see again. I remember seeing her light up as we pushed her down the hall to her speech therapy. I remember seeing her left side improve every single day. I remember her speech getting stronger. I remember her lifting her left arm above her head for the first time and saying, “huzzah!” I remember the joy that I saw in her eyes.

That joy is there and I don’t think I’ll ever see it leave. This isn’t a joy that says look at what I can do. Is Kelly proud of herself? Absolutely! And rightfully so! But this joy isn’t from pride. I know this is the Joy of the Lord. Rend Collective sings a song called “Joy of the Lord.” These are the words to the chorus.

The joy of the Lord is my strength

The joy of the Lord is my strength

In the darkness I’ll dance

In the shadows I’ll sing

The joy of the Lord is my strength

This is an amazing song to sing. This is a great song to jam with your great friends in the Good Times Band. This is an awesome song to worship to. This song changes tho when you see someone live those words. Your life changes when you see someone live those words. Your marriage will change when you see your wife live those words. To truly be planted and know that this is possible because of the Lord. It’s overwhelming! Especially when you’re a softie like I am.

I know this has been all over the place. There’s no rhyme or reason to these words. 39 days after this terrible incident, Kelly finds her joy in the Lord. Kelly can sing in the middle of a tragedy. My wife is pretty awesome and I’m the luckiest man in the world.


20 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 24

  1. Keep us posted in LaPorte, TX. Longoria’s are my kids distant cousins. I would love to keep them updated on Kelly’s progress. Prayers

  2. I’m so thankful your wife is making such amazing progress!! The Father has heard the cries of so many across this state as we were all so shocked & horrified at what happened to her. I don’t know her, but I know the Father & I’m rejoicing with you each time you post another good report!!!! Continued prayers!!!

  3. FBC Mauricevill Texas has faithfully prayed and every Wednesday night prayer meeting my Pastor Kevin Brown asks for an update. Through Kerry Longoria and you I keep him updated. Again last night he asks and rejoiced that she is walking. We will stand with you until God finishes His work in her. Be blessed and know we are bathing both if you in prayer. 🙏💕

  4. Thanks be to God. It fills my heart with joy each time I read the updates on Kelly and the progress she is making. Our Heavenly Father has big plans for your life Kelly. Keep your faith, and hard work, and you will be fine. Keeping you in prayer dear one.

  5. God is so good.. So glad to hear she is still coming up that mountain. Soon an very soon she will reach that peak an God is giving her strength to make it one step, one day at a time. Our continued prayers are with her an the family. My church had ask for an update glad I saw this today. God bless an we serve a MIGHTY BIG GOD… So happy she received the prayer quilt an hope it brought a smile to her face.
    From Bleakwood Tx.
    Rhonda Nichols

  6. God is so awesome and I can’t wait till the day we get to see our Kel Kel again..Still praying for complete recovery.

  7. I look forward to your post. Your words are so beautiful. As is your love of Kelly. God’s miracles and healing of Kelly leaves me in complete awe. And knowing he’s not done humbles me. What an awesome God…a faithful God. He has much work for you and Kelly to do still. It is a testimony I can’t wait to hear, and by his will..I will. Until then I’ll keep Kelly in my prayers.

  8. Thank you for sharing your faith , your strength , your joy !!! I just want you and Kelley to know that you’re not the only ones that have been affected by this tragedy. I have been changed!!! So many people have been changed!! I pray for y’all daily and I praise him daily for KELLEYS MIRACLES!!!!

  9. Great News!! Bro Leon Batchelor preaches for our church in Paragould Ar and we have been in prayer for you and Kelly and your family. Sis. Robbie has been keeping us updated and we rejoice with you at the progress God is doing. God Bless! Love and Prayers

  10. Praising our Lord Jesus the Christ, for the great miracle on Kelly’s life.
    Thank you Lord for been part of this wonderful miracle, thank you Lord for your love and mercy on the Longoria family.

  11. Shayne and Kelly, So thankful for the progress Kelly is making…thank you, Shayne, for your updates and the strength and faith you both have. I feel as though I know y’all, my brother in law, Rondy, told us what had happened to one of their camp leaders..that was the next day..Now with so many prayers and so much faith, love, trust in our awesome God your future is so different. Thank you so much for your beautifully written updates. Continued prayers for Kelly, you. and your families. Pat Bailey

  12. I do not know how Kelly’s husband has dealt with this. I can only know what i feel for this family. I too, am very saddened from the first news. My heart felt pain for the Husband, and anger for the perpetrator. Each time I am on FB, i look for an update.. s all of us, it is a time where our/their faith was truly put to test. It makes my trivial issues I feel frustrated over seem selfish. At this time, my top prayer request is for Kelly’s full recovery and slap the enemy for the attempt of evil God to turn this into a true, w/o argument, miraculous hand of God. His goodness is beyond words. Con’t prayers.

  13. I too went through a horrible ordeal and my family was told they didn’t think I would live and when I proved that wrong the doctors told my family I may never be mentally alright. My husband being a great man of faith never gave up and kept saying God was not finished with me yet. That was in 2009. After spending three and a half months in the hospital and a rehab center for 8 weeks I came home to my amazing husband feeling weak but mentally okay. My husband died Feb. 26, 2015. I now know I was kept alive to care for him during his battle with cancer. Kelly will be fine because God has plans for her life too. Enjoy each other and love deep because we are never promised tomorrow it is a gift God gives us.

  14. Thank you for the updates on your lives and how Kelly is responding … Praying for total healing…Kelly’s story…has touch my heart and many on my face book page ask if I knew y’all… I said no, the Spirit of God shines through y’all is so beautiful…
    I fell in love with both of you. You are both so adorable. I was so sad, I’m still sad for what you have both been through…God is good and in control.

  15. I was raised in Wisner and knew the Kiper’s well.i l live in Ruston, La. Now and a member of Temple Baptist Church. We have been praying for Kelly and your family.Every time I see an up date I am so pleased and know what an Awesome God l worship.

  16. PTL! What an awesome God we serve. I have been keeping up with the progress that Kelly is making, Praying for complete recovery in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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