7 months ago today I challenged the students of Life Church to go deeper in their walk with Christ. We talked about Peter stepping out on the water with Jesus. I challenged the students to pray bold prayers asking God to do whatever He needed to do to take their faith to the next level.

Prayers like that, if you mean them, are “dangerous.” My dad has been a music minister most of my life. I remember he would always say, “now words like this really mean something so if you don’t mean them, don’t sing them. Just hum them.” A bold prayer saying God do whatever You need to do to take me deeper with You is a bold prayer. I never thought what happened to us would happen.

3 days after this prayer, Kelly left our home headed to a store meeting. Nothing out of the ordinary. I call my mom and talk about camp and how we were so excited. Peyton Sparks and Brandon Loman come to my home and tell me we have to go. Something had happened to Kelly and we needed to get to the hospital. After ten to fifteen minutes, Kelly was wheeled past us on a gurney. Her eyes seemed to say that everything was ok.

Later, we found out what happened. I’ll never forget that moment. My pastor told us that the wound was indicative of a gunshot wound. Sometimes you don’t believe things. How could that happen? Not Kelly. This is a misunderstanding. Kelly is at the store meeting.

The ER doctor came out and told us that this was true. He told us that she was responding to commands with her hands and that it was very good that this was happening. They were putting her on a helicopter to take her to Jackson.

In Jackson, we met some amazing people. Doctors and nurses who would pray for us. Strangers from churches showing us what the hands and feet of Jesus look like. We also saw God do some amazing things. Things that weren’t “supposed to happen.” Kelly was out of the ICU in ten days. She was in a hospital room for four days and then moved to rehab. The first day of rehab, she moved her left leg. This was amazing because we were told that there might be paralysis on her left side. I saw my wife fight for her mobility. Kelly was able to walk out of the rehab facility 6 weeks after the incident occurred. 42 days after being left for dead, my wife walked out of a rehab facility victorious through Christ.

This Thursday will be 7 months since the incident. Kelly is still in out patient rehab, but we’ve been told that discharge is on it’s way. Her mobility is amazing. She’s running at about 6 miles per hour on the treadmill. I don’t think I could do that. The fine motor skills that were shaky at times are near perfect. Her memory is solid.

More importantly, her faith is still intact.

As a husband, you can be proud of your wife for so many reasons. Seeing where she is physically, emotionally, and mentally makes me extremely proud. Hearing my wife say, “If people came to know Christ through this, I’m ok.” leaves me at a loss for words. Hearing her say “When I gave my life to Christ, I said ‘my life is Yours. Do whatever You need to do.'” reminds me why I married the woman I did. (I married way up by the way)

Kelly prayed that prayer just like our students did. Did we think that this would happen? Absolutely not, but we have seen God do so many amazing things in our lives and the lives of others.

“My life is Yours. Do whatever You need to do.”

My wife is amazing. kelly


2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. You AND Kelly are such strong witnesses for our Lord, being so honest about everything that you both have encountered in this chapter of your life together. Thank you for encouraging so many of us! Hugs, love, and prayers for both of you from your North Texas family!! 🙂

  2. Your events from a yr ago popped up on memories today when I opened fb. I wanted to know more, so I looked up Robbie Batchelor and was amazed at what our God can do. This story is so awesome. Our God can handle anything!! So pleased and blessed your story turned out so well. We wish Kelly well on her masters education. Our youngest daughter will graduate from her master program in Dec God bless you all

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