The Jordan Says

Mr. Jordan Says!

Mr. Longoria…

How are you brother?

I’m pretty darn good man.

We’ve known each other for a long time.

Yes sir. Since back when the mullet was cool.

Guitar. What does it mean to you?

Dude, it’s my favorite thing in the world. I love to just sit and play or jam with friends. It means the most to me though when I can use it as a tool to help lead others in worship.

How old were you when you started playing?

My grandpa randomly gave an old acoustic guitar when I was 15. I think I started banging around on it the first day I got it.

Take me through your gear set up.

The first pedal in my chain is a buffer made by a local friend of mine. Next is my Dyna Comp, then Korg Pitch black tuner. After that is my drive section which, right now, consists of an LPB-1, Helios (tube screamer clone made by a local builder), then my JHS Morning Glory. I run that into an Ernie Ball VP jr. Next is the Ibanez DE-7 into a Keisman modded Nova Delay followed by the glorious RV-5.

What bands do you play with?

All of them.
Nah, I Am Third is the main one. I’ve played here and there, you know, whoever needs a fill in guitarist.

Where do you draw your influence?

Well, I’m actually reading Jeffrey Kunde’s blog as we speak, so obviously him. I love what he does for Jesus Culture and Bethel Live. I’d be lying if I didn’t say Philip Zachary had a big influence on my playing style early on. I also love any blues guitarist.

How do you use their influence along with your own sound to write guitar parts for I am third?

Anytime I write a guitar hook or anything really, it just kind of happens. That influence just kind of comes out in anything I write.

What are some of your favorite bands?

I’ve been on a big Jesus Culture/Bethel Live kick lately. Switchfoot is probably my favorite band of all time. Safety Suit is a pretty sweet band. And you can’t go wrong with anything John Mayer.

Favorite event you’ve played?

Oh man. I absolutely love leading worship for Refuge at the BCM, but that goes on all semester so it’s not technically an event I guess.

Favorite song to jam to?

Deep Cries Out by Bethel Live is probably my favorite song to play live. I love to just sit and jam to some good blues though.

What has the Lord been showing you lately?

That my plans will disappoint me and that instead, I have to depend on Him to direct my life and decisions.

Catch you on the flip side, Jordan.

Later man, it’s been fun.



Grant Keel


Hey Grant!

Hey Shane..

What’s new?

What’s new? Working on an ep with the church (World Redemption Center)

When did you start playing music?

Hmmm, like when I was 12 or 13, I started playing to impress the ladies…I was wrong. It doesn’t work like that

What’s the direction you’re going in?

I really feel like I’ve discovered my sound so now I’m trying to hone in that sound and incorporate it into the overall sound.

Speaking of your sound, what is your gear?

I’m a little unorthodox. We’ll start off with my guitars, i use an upgraded Epiphone Les Paul and a tele and strat that are being worked on now, I run into a tu2, a nobles clone, a modded ds1, a vp jr, a dd20, and a painted Behringer time machine because they’re ugly as heck. All the pedals are wired with George L’s. I run into a Peavy classic 30. I’m thinking about changing the speaker to a vintage 30.

Biggest lesson you have learned when it comes to your sound?

Uhm, no matter what you plug into, you will always sound like yourself. You don’t need 20 pedals. I went from a Pedaltrain pt pro all the way down to a pedaltrain jr. Yea, that’s about it.

What guitar players do you draw influence from?

James duke and Seth Davis.

Why is that?

Becuase James has the tone of a prince and Seth just sounds different than any other worship guitarist that I’ve heard before.  

When you’re writing guitar parts what do you usually do?

I usually stay away from dotted 8ths because everybody uses that. I try to write something that doesn’t sound like other worship guitar players. I try to write things that are tasteful but out of the ordinary while at the same time not wanting to take away from the worship. I just want to sound like me, you know?

Any investments in gear in the near future?

Yeah, I’m looking at some new pickups for a guitar, I wouldn’t mind a JHS mini foot fuzz. I want a tap. I’ll order that in a minute.

What does a normal day look like in your life?

1. wake up

2. turn on the tv

3. make some coffee

4. School related things

5. Go to work

6. Go to my lady friends

7. Come home and sleep

Man, that sounds, other than the band at WRC, what other bands are you in?

Well, I play with you in To Those Without Hope and I’ve been a fill in bass player for I Am Third.

With To Those Without Hope, what has been your favorite experience?

Uhm, I would say my favorite part has been just hanging out with the guys in the band and going to IHOP and Texas Roadhouse. As far as events we’ve played it would have to be the Adoration Worship night in Sulphur.

Why was that your favorite?

I feel like it was the most spirit filled event we’ve played. The feeling that you get when your leading in worship and people are worshiping with you is amazing.   

When it comes to your relationship with the Lord, what is the most important thing to you?

Really just staying in the word and keeping communication. I find that in my darkest times is usually when I’m not in my word and I’m not communicating with Him.

What has been the one thing that the Lord has been showing you lately?

Grace. I’ve been understanding grace more. Grace is somebody doing something that is terrible and they deserve punishment for that but instead of punishment they receive love, forgiveness, and mercy.

Plans for today?

Work from 1 to 5:30 then if your still in town I’ll hang out with you!

That sounds like fun.

It is.

What game are you playing?

Hungry Shark Evolution.

Seems Fun.

It is very fun.

I’ll leave you to that.

Bye Shane.

Bye Grant.